Jobs is a free service that helps consumers find the best loan. Our technology will show the consumer 5 prefiltered options among different banks and lenders, their good and bad sides and of course the estimated interest rate, loan time and other criteria. We have researched the best loans in the market. Our loan comparison shows reviews and experiences from the best loans, banks and loan brokers. We have tested the loans and loan services ourselves, so consumers can easily pick the most suitable loan for you. is live in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Spain.

We are now looking for students, part-timers or freelancers on these positions:

About the company behind Top5Credits is owned and operated by Finland-based Draivi Media Oy.

Draivi Media Oy is a fast growing company established in 2012 that connects consumers with the best banks, lenders and loan brokers in the market. We use data and marketing technologies effectively in our solutions. So effectively, that we have helped over 1 million consumers over the years!

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