About Us


Top5Credits.com is built to help people choose finance products with the help of data and honest reviews. Our technology matches the consumer with the most suitable finance products based on the consumers profile and our data.

Top5Credits.com is owned and operated by Finland-based performance marketing company Draivi, which has since 2012 helped over 1 million consumers with comparing banks and lenders in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Germany. We use data, analytics and marketing technologies effectively in our solutions.

We are happy to share insights and data with journalists or other entities interested in the consumer lending market with:

  • In-depth knowledge on consumer lending and loan products
  • Anonymized data on typical customer profiles for different loan products
  • Data on differences between the markets we are in (e.g. Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Spain)
  • Data on seasonal fluctuation between different months or seasons
  • Data and comments on market development on consumer loans

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Top5Credits.com Media contact
Oula Lehtinen